Live Stream Questions

 Frequently Asked Technical Questions

1.      What is required for me to connect to the live stream?

A.      You will need a consistent internet connection download speed of at least 1.0 mbps. You can test the speed at

B.      Verify the version of your Internet Browser meets the meets the minimum requirements:

1.      Internet Explorer 9.0 or higher

2.      Firefox 3.5 or higher

3.      Chrome 5.0 or higher

4.      AOL 9.0 or higher

5.      Safari 4.0 or higher

6.      iOS Mobile Safari is updated

7.      Android Mobile devices are updated.

2.      What are some steps to take if I am experiencing technical issues?

A.      If you are connected wirelessly, connect to a wired connection if possible.

B.      If you are using a mobile device, make sure you are using Wifi, not your cell phone reception. Cell phone reception will not give you a sufficient strength to view the live stream for an extended amount of time.

C.     Close and quit all browsers and then reopen.

D.      Verify that you do not have a content locking device or software that would prevent you from connecting.  Your network administrator should be able to determine if this is the issue and how to resolve it.

E.      Make sure your Adobe Flash Player is up to date.


3. If you are experiencing buffering/delays consider reducing the number of networked devices that are being used in your home.