Rev. Tom Berlin's Video Note: December 6, 2018

Thanks to everybody who came in on Sunday with the gifts for our community partners, which are now being distributed to children and families in the area, and they will be there in time for Christmas morning. You helped a lot of people. You helped families that are in homeless shelters, children who may not have had a gift at Christmas otherwise, and you have done it in the nicest way, because in truth, nobody is ever going to know that you did it. It will be anonymous, except that you have already received the blessing of knowing that you made a difference in somebody’s Christmas this year. I think it is really great, and I want to thank you for honoring Christ in that way.

So much of what we do this time of year, that matters to us, is really focused on who Jesus is and the reason that we celebrate Christmas. So, Advent is full of these opportunities that the church creates so that this can be a really significant and meaningful time for you. One of those is happening this Sunday, we are having the choir cantata in the morning services at 8, 9:15, and 11 a.m. There will be a full orchestra at 9:15 a.m. and 11 a.m., but the choir will be at all of the services. The cantata this year is called “Peace on Earth”, and it focuses on Jesus as the Prince of Peace. The music is going to be outstanding, and so many people have signed up to be a part of this choir. I hope that you will be there, and not only do I want you there, but I hope you will invite your friends and family. You have neighbors and friends in the area who also want this to be a meaningful time. They don’t want it to just be a time to rush around and gather up stuff. They want some significance too, so I encourage you to invite them to Floris with you on Sunday. If you can’t come in the morning, come Sunday evening, we are going to have a great Advent service there as well with our band.

The event that they had last week was simply outstanding. We celebrated the season. Over 400 people came, kids were upfront dancing and it was really a lot of fun. I hope that for those of you who came and enjoyed that, I hope it meant a lot to you.

One other thing, on December 13, at 7:30 p.m., we are going to have our Darkness to Light service. That’s a service where we think about the long nights that we are in, when it is dark so much of the time. This is a quieter service. We do it because a lot of people this time of year are looking for something that is more contemplative, something that is slower, and some people do that because they want a quieter space to worship and think about their faith. Others do it because they may have lost someone in the past year, or something difficult is happening in their own life and they want a place to come and pray and be in the presence of God. Come and be a part of that too. I look forward to seeing you. Everything is happening here at Floris, and I hope to see you Sunday.


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