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The Wesley Fellows Program seeks to teach young women and men how to become faithful disciples of Jesus Christ in their way of being, workplace, worship community and the world in order to equip fellows to deepen their Christian faith, understand their vocation and live a life wholly devoted to God’s kingdom. In order to accomplish this vision, the Wesley Fellows program will provide the following:

Professional and Leadership Development
Fellows grow personally and professionally as they gain meaningful, paid work experience in an occupation related to their field of interest. Wesley Fellows partners with local employers to invest in fellows as they begin their post-college careers.


A Community-Oriented Environment
Fellows learn, through study and experience, what community means in their lives and in God’s kingdom.

Discipleship and Mentoring
Fellows engage in Bible study, prayer, experiential learning, leadership training and personal mentoring. 

Service Opportunities
Fellows regularly lead small groups in student ministries and mentor children through Floris UMC’s partnership with Hutchison Elementary School.

Theological Training
Fellows take graduate-level courses offered by Wesley Theological Seminary to deepen their understanding and practice of Christian faith.

Host Homes
Fellows live with Floris UMC members who provide a warm welcome into their family.

Networking Opportunities
Fellows engage business and community leaders across various sectors of society and connect to the greater Fellows Initiative network through national and regional conferences.



Though the fellows' schedule varies slightly on a weekly basis to include retreats, conferences, service opportunities and other events, fellows can expect the following schedule to represent a typical week:


Morning - Mentoring at Hutchison Elementary School

Afternoon - Fellows Bible Study

Evening - Seminary Class (two-three hours weekly, one course per semester)


Work in place of employment

Evening - Community Dinner (meal and worship with the fellows class)


Work in place of employment


Leadership and Professional Development Seminars

*Schedule may also include travel for weekend events or community service opportunities


Sabbath Rest

*Schedule may also include travel or other activities


Morning - Worship at Floris UMC

Afternoon and Evening - Service with Floris UMC Student Ministries

Digging Deeper

Education is a core component of the Wesley Fellows program, but education does not only happen within the classroom. Through the guidance of seminary professors, mentors, employers and other leaders, fellows will gain an understanding of the world around them that allows them to apply their faith to everything they do.

In addition, fellows will engage in weekly seminar opportunities, learning about topics ranging from Christian theology to professional development. These experiences provide space for exploration of challenging and provocative theological and social issues, enhancing the fellows' experiences in the workplace and seminary classroom greatly during their year as Wesley Fellows.

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