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The Greatest Gift

The greatest gift the church offers is a relationship with Christ. The last commandment Jesus gave to his disciples was to offer this relationship to all people. What does it mean to be called to share your faith? How might we do this today? Come...
Acts 1:1-8


Is Anything More Important?

Many of us would like to know how to have a better experience of being a Christian family. We want to have a loving community right in our homes. This week we are going to look at the reasons it is complicated to be a family and raise children to...
Joshua 24:14-18


Have You Noticed?

When we bless the vulnerable, we are in keeping with Jesus teachings and we experience our own sanctification as well. This week we will talk about an often overlooked aspect of the Kingdom of God, that when followed, unlocks new ministry, new...
Luke 14:12-24


How We Live And Give

This week we will talk about the vision for our church and the strategy that is used to accomplish that vision. Anyone who wants to accomplish something important has to commit themselves to a strategy to do what they desire. The bible gives...
Matthew 6:19-24