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Find Hope

Scripture: John 1:1-5, 1 John 1:1-7, Rev. Barbara Miner delivers a message of hope. She expresses that people are hungry for renewal and reminds us that Jesus was God himself taking on the clothing of humanity. There is only one hope, and it is...


A Word of Love

Scripture: Psalm 30, Rev. Barbara Miner concludes the Psalms: The Language of Life series by looking at the way the Psalmists all display an intimate relationship with God. The sermon concludes with a liturgical dance by Anna Lopynski.


A Call to Thanksgiving

Scripture: Psalm 19, Rev. Tom Berlin uses Psalm 19 to deliver an energetic and passionate sermon on the subjects of wonder and Thanksgiving. Tom explores the glory of God's creation, the perfectness of His law, and poses the question: How is God...


A Word of Hope

Scripture: Psalm 40:1-5, In this sermon, Rev. Tom Berlin encourages people who are feeling isolated or neglected to see the presence of the Lord. It is a chance to tell those for whom troubled times are coming that they can trust that God will be...


A Word of Anguish

Scripture: Psalm 6, Rev. Tim Ward introduces the new sermon series,"Psalms: The Language of Life". Rev. Tim discusses what is in bounds and what is out of bounds. He explains that God can handle our frustrations, that God is strong and...


Simple Alignment

Scripture: Psalm 90:1-5, 12, This sermon is focused on the stewardship of aligning our lives with our time and money. Tom focuses on generosity and explains how generosity is not born of plentitude of wealth but the freedom of God's love and the...


Simple Money

Scripture: Matthew 13:44-46, In this sermon, Tom continues on the sermon series Simple. In this particular message, he encourages people to align our time and money toward things that really matter to us in life. It is a call to do what we value...


Simple Possessions

Scripture: 1 Timothy 6:6-9, Rev. Tom Berlin speaks on Simple Possessions. He encourages to seek what the bible says about the necessities of life. This sermon explains the dynamics of wants and needs and the gift of contentment described in...