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Floris United Methodist Church

May 2012 Council Reports

Highlights from Church Council Meetings
May 2012

As the governing board of Floris United Methodist Church, your Church Council meets monthly to review and approve the strategic activities of your church. Your Church Council is made up of leaders you elect at the annual charge conference, who set policy and strategic priorities and then provide prayerful leadership to our church in many ways. Here are highlights from our council meeting:

· Tom Berlin reviewed updated the Council on General Conference. He discussed the challenges our denomination faces trying to get legislation approved when no one group of constituents is large enough to make a change. Delegates break down as 60% US (provides most of the funding) and 40% from elsewhere in the world with over 60 countries attending, all with different priorities and needs. You can find more on the UMC General Conference website here: General Conference 2012 and; Tom’s blog during the conference will give you more insight here: Follow Rev. Tom Berlin at General Converence

· The council also voted to approve our continued participation in the 5 Talents Academy which supports achievement of the following goals: Increase worship attendance, professions of faith and small group participation; membership be actively participating in ministry with the poor and increase annual stewardship participation. More information can be found here: 5 Talents Academy.

We spent some quality time discussing our Strategic Priorities; #1 Evangelism and Strategic Priority #4 Inclusivity. You can read the details on these strategic priorities on the reports attached below. We also reviewed our new Church Council monthly report (also below) which gives us a big picture view and is a snapshot of all our key activities, events and challenges by ministry area and includes financial data, a staffing update and a 60 day future outlook.

We remain committed to ensuring that our ministries are in alignment with our mission: Making Disciples of Jesus Christ for the Transformation of the World.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, 703-834-3378 or sgsalvatore@verizon.net. It is my privilege to serve as your Council Chair.

In Christ,

Steve Salvatore

Council Chair, Floris UMC

Council Agenda
Congregational Report
Strategic Priority ONE Monthly Report
Strategic Priority FOUR Monthly Report