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Council Report to the Congregation
March & April 2012

Highlights from Church Council Meetings

As the governing board of Floris United Methodist Church, your Church Council meets monthly to review and approve the strategic activities of your church. Your Church Council is made up of leaders you elect at the annual charge conference, who set policy and strategic priorities and then provide prayerful leadership to our church in many ways. Here are highlights from recent council meetings:

The past few months were very positive for our church. Financially; Floris UMC is in very good shape through the first quarter with donations up over 20% while expenses only up 3.1%, we are ahead of plan, which is much better than in years past, and that is a blessing we are very thankful for.

· Ed Federico our SPRC chair updated the council on the results of the Administrative Review process and the council approved the recommendations and changes which re-aligned staffing and responsibilities in three key areas; Database Management, Finance, and Facilities Management. The recommended changes are being implemented at this time.

· Tom Berlin walked the Council through the proposed Stewardship campaign along with a tentative and general timeline. Tom noted that the Easter Service had the largest attendance in the history of the Church, and we had amazing volunteer support during Holy Week. The Friday night Cantata had 643 people in attendance and about 800 or more people came to the Easter Festival.

· Vacation Bible: There are 400 slots in vacation bible this summer, last summer we served 150 children. We striving to make spots available in all our programming like vacation bible, so that we encourage non-Christians and our neighbors to come, get to know Christ, and experience Floris UMC.

· Our monthly council reports will be changing to a more condensed format in the future. The database management conversion is well under way, our new database management staff person is doing well and we will also be re-forecasting the budget in May/June (this is something we are doing annually).

We continued to spend focused time and discussion on our Strategic Priorities. We have discussed Strategic Priority #3, Children in Poverty where we are looking for ways to enhance existing programs (i.e.: Grace Ministries Kids Club, Mentoring program at Embry Rucker); and incorporate a new Food For Others distribution site at Hutchison. We reviewed upcoming Stewardship (SP #6) plans, improvement in matching people’s gifts with opportunities to connections (SP#2). We discussed Discipleship (SP #5) where the group reviewed survey data and discussed how it relates to our small groups, we also discussed Servanthood (SP #7), and Risk Management (SP #8) current priorities and action plans. We are also evaluating our Strategic Priorities progress to insure we are on the right track. You can find the recent Strategic Priorities updates documents at the bolltom of this page.

We remain committed to ensuring that our ministries are in alignment with our mission: Making Disciples of Jesus Christ for the Transformation of the World. You can find our agendas along with our monthly Strategic Priorities and ministry reports at the bottom of this page.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, 703-834-3378 or sgsalvatore@verizon.net. It is my privilege to serve as your Council Chair.

In Christ,

Steve Salvatore
Council Chair, Floris UMC

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