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Floris United Methodist Church

Congregational Care Volunteer Signups

There are numerous opportunities to serve within the church. If you are interested in any of these opportunities, please select the check box next to the description and enter your contact info at the bottom of this page.

If you have any questions, please contact Jeanette Debernardi.

Volunteer Opportunities
  • Meal Provider - Make and deliver a meal for an individual or family facing an emergency.
  • Transportation - Provide transportation to/from doctor's appointments for an individual or family facing an emergency.
  • Card Ministry- This team sends cards of encouragement and sympathy to members and friends of Floris.
  • Childcare- Provide childcare for an individual, or family facing an emergency.
  • Respite Care Coordinator and Volunteers - Care for children with special needs, in the evening.so their care givers can have an evening out.
  • Altar Flower Delivery - Deliver flower arrangements after 11:00 AM worship to an individual or family. (Rotating schedule)
  • Light Home Repair and Yard Maintenance – Provide maintenance help when someone is temporarily unable to do so.
  • Pet(s) Care- Emergency circumstances. Temporary care of pets. Services include walking a dog, pet sitting a cat, dog, bird, fish, etc. for a limited period of time
  • Worship Transportation- Provide transportation to/from Sunday church service for an individual or a family who isn’t able to drive.
  • Run Errands-Make a run to the grocery store, drug store for an individual or family facing an emergency.
  • Funeral Reception Help – One of the ways we minister families during times of grief is providing help or food for funeral receptions.
  • Lead Support Groups - Provide leadership for groups that deal with some of life’s challenging issues such as: divorce, grief, etc.
  • Lay Counseling - Develop a relationship of support and encouragement based on an understanding of faith, life, and scriptures with individuals desiring support. This relationship follows the traditional counseling model. May also meet with groups to address emotional, behavioral, or spiritual challenges. An interview and training are required.
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