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Have you noticed scenes in movies and TV shows, when they’re trying to show someone feeling isolated and alone, the scene will frequently be of the person walking down a crowded city street.  Lots of people, lots of activity, but this person seems to almost be in a bubble, unconnected.  We’ve all experienced it, none of us enjoy it.

Connections Ministry volunteers are people who can make sure our busy Floris hallways don’t leave people in bubbles.  Please consider if you can use your gifts and talents in any of the areas listed below.  You may be the connecting point people look for!

If you are interested in any of these opportunities, please select the check box next to the description and enter your contact information at the bottom of this page.

If you have any questions, please contact Patrice Welker.

Opportunities in Connections Ministry
  • Coffee with the Pastors (CWP) Baker: CWP is held 4/5 times a year. If you enjoy baking and adding to a welcoming environment.
  • Coffee with the Pastors Folder Prep: CWP is held 4/5 times a year. If you are a willing spirit, attention to detail consider assiting the staff with folder prep.
  • Coffee with the Pastors Follow-up Callers: CWP is held 4/5 times a year. Commitment 3 hours/event. Duties would include contacting those who have requested more information aboaut small groups and/or serving opportunities and connected them with current or upcoming opportunities.
  • Coffee with the Pastors Table Host: CWP is held 4/5 times a year. If you are hospitable nature, active listener, and have a servant heart consider being a table host.
  • Connection Point Greeter: If you are comfortable with greeting people, and making them feel welcomed, consider joining the Sunday desk team.
  • Data Entry: There comes times when we need extra hands to help with data being entered into our data management system. Whether it be attendance or large recruitments. Consider assisting the staff with projects on an as needed basis. Report to Patrice Welker.
  • Event Planner: You would partner with the core ministry (worship, grow, serve) that is providing the event content to support/ensure excellence in hosopitaly, fellowship and community outreach opportunities. If you work well on team efforts, have a servant heart and enjoy fun fellowship while planning and executing church-wide events, big and small consider being a part of this team.
  • Greeter: If you have a hospitable nature, ability to initiate conversation and love to smile and shake hands we have a place for you. Other duties include passing the pew pads for guest registration.
  • Parking Lot Ministry: Be the first welcoming face to our Sunday morning guests! A guest's first impression of Floris is formed in the first seven minutes. For many of our guests, all seven minutes will be spent before they sit in a pew. Be a part of the team that makes people happy and help them find a parking place.
  • Parking Shuttle Ministry: Drive the Floris between the XO Communications Building and the Floris parking lot. You can take the time out from your shift to hear the sermon. This is on an as needed basis. Requirements are licensed, insured driver. Qualifications: cautious driver, friendly and helpful and a Servant heart.
  • Velcro Team: This team will be a critical link between the initial visit or event people attend and continued engagement and growth of those people into an active faith life.
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