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Floris United Methodist Church

Serving God -- Oct.16 through Nov. 6

Serving God, a part of Floris' Knowing, Loving, Serving series, begins October 16, 2012. As Methodists, indeed as Christians, we are called to serve. But, why are we called to serve? What does it mean to serve? Where should I serve? If you’ve asked yourselves or others these questions, join us for Serving God, part of our Knowing, Loving, Serving Series.

This 4-week study will focus on spiritual gifts and learning what form of service God is calling us to. We will also discuss what it means to serve God and his church as a Methodist as well as learning all the things that we can do at Floris, in our community and the world.

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For more information contact Tim Ward at tward@florisumc.org or 703-793-0026.