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Confirmation 2014

2014 Confirmation Parent Letter

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Confirmation Calendar 2014

2014 Confirmation Rehearsal Schedule
(Please arrive 10mins. before your scheduled time)

If your Confirmation service is:                Your rehearsal is: 

Saturday April 26 @ 5pm                           Sat. 4:10pm

Sunday April 27 @ 9:15am                        Sat. 11:30am

Sunday April 27 @ 11am                           Sat. 12:15pm

Sunday April 27 @ 5pm                             Sat. 3:30pm


What is Confirmation?
Confirmation is a small group based program for students in grades 8 and above that wish to be confirmed in the United Methodist Church. The program is designed to study the beliefs of the United Methodist Church as well as to dive deep into what it means to be a Christian. The program begins with an in house kickoff retreat on Friday evening January 17 ends with the Confirmation service on April 26 or April 27.  Upon completion, it is an incredible opportunity for these students to stand before the congregation and proclaim their faith and their commitment to Floris.  Below you will find the requirements and the calendar for confirmation:

Requirements of Confirmation

Confirmation Retreats (2)
We hold a kick-off retreat January 17-18 at Floris UMC and a second retreat April 4-6 at the Northern VA 4H Educational Center in Front Royal, VA. Each student is expected to attend both retreats in their entirety. The cost of the retreats is $200 (includes both retreats). Scholarships are available for those who have need.

Weekly Small Group Meetings (9)
Students are expected to be on time and prepared to participate in the group’s discussions. Students may miss only one of the nine small group sessions without make-up. Beyond the one absence, students must make-up the missed meeting at another small group or with a small group leader. In order to respect the time of group leaders, no student may make-up more than one meeting with a small group leader.  If you see problems with this in your student’s schedule, please contact the leadership ASAP.

Meetings with Mentors (10)
In order to personalize the experience, we expect students to meet with their mentor ten times during the 15-week program.  In choosing a mentor, seek someone who is a dynamic Christian and a member of Floris United Methodist Church.  Mentors need to be members of the church because they will share vows of commitment to watch over the student in the life of the church.  If you cannot find a mentor for your student, the student ministry staff will assist you, upon your request.

Group Service Project
The Confirmands and their Mentors will complete a group service project during confirmation.  This year’s group service project is the Chocolate Festival.  The Chocolate Festival at Floris is on February 8 and raises funds for many different non-profit organizations in the world.  The details on this project will be released prior to the beginning of confirmation.

Confirmation / Mentor Service Project
Each student and mentor will be required to complete his or her own personal service project by April 20.  Options will be made available at the beginning of the year – but students and mentors can begin to think of some non-profit service opportunities they can participate in as a team.  The project must take at least 2 hours of consecutive service time.

Each confirmand will be required to complete an interview with a Floris UMC staff member between April 8 – April 24.  The schedule will be available on line in March.

Confirmation Rehearsal
On April 26, students, mentors and parents will be required to attend rehearsal.  Confirmation rehearsal ensures that students can enjoy the meaning of the day, rather than focusing on the logistics.  Rehearsal times will be released in early March.  Be sure to leave April 26 “open” on your calendars.

Confirmation Services
Confirmation will take place at the 9:15a.m., 11a.m. and 5p.m. worship services on Sunday, April 27, as well as at a 5p.m. worship service on Saturday, April 26 for students who decide to be confirmed at the end of the confirmation program.  In order to accommodate all of the students and keep service times to a reasonable length, we are going to ask that parents be flexible in their desired service hour of Confirmation. 

All students must be baptized before being confirmed.  This can occur during the confirmation service or during a service prior to confirmation. In the United Methodist Church we only baptize one time. If your child has been baptized, he/she will not be rebaptized.

We recognize that the calendar for confirmation is VERY rigorous.  However, these are requirements for confirmation and if your child is not able to meet these requirements he/she may not be able to be confirmed.  This program is designed to be intensive.  Our hope is that students would continue their other church commitments (Sunday Night Program, KidNation, etc.) during this period.  This program is not a substitute for Sunday worship. When deciding (as a family) whether or not your child will complete this program, please look at the following mandatory calendar.

It is our desire that this program be a joyful and life changing experience for all students involved.  We will have a parent information meeting on Sunday, November 17 after the 5 p.m. service (during CrossRoads). Please mark your calendar so that you will be able to attend.