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Floris United Methodist Church

Strategic Priorities

Church Council has provided the following strategic priorities for 2012. While these provide focus they do not negate other significant/critical activities that occur naturally in the life of the church such as worship, Sunday School and the many outreach efforts Floris is involved in.

STRATEGIC PRIORITY # 1 – EVANGELISM - In the name of Jesus Christ, ignite a passion and equip the congregation to reach the lost in our community.
Church Council Contact: Emily Dileonardo
Staff Contacts: Tim Ward and Barbara Miner

STRATEGIC PRIORITY #2 – CONNECTION - Foster a deeper experience of, and connection to, Christian community among members of the Floris family.
Church Council Contact: Peggy Gardiner
Staff Contact: Cynthia Lopynski

STRATEGIC PRIORITY #3 – CHILDREN IN POVERTY - Embody Christ’s compassion by transforming the lives of children in poverty.
Church Council Contact: Ed Federico
Staff Contact: Jake McGlothin:

STRATEGIC PRIORITY #4 - INCLUSIVITY - Become an inclusive community that reflects the full beauty of God’s reign.
Church Council Contact: Allan Balenger
Staff Contact: Barbara Miner

STRATEGIC PRIORITY #5 – DISCIPLESHIP - Equip and inspire a deeper level of Christian formation in our congregation, mobilizing us to become more fully devoted followers of Christ.
Church Council Contact: Jim Steifvater
Staff Contact: Tim Ward

STRATEGIC PRIORITY #6 – STEWARDSHIP - Equip and motivate members of the Floris family toward greater service to God through financial stewardship.
Church Council Contact: Steve Salvatore
Staff Contact: Tom Berlin

STRATEGIC PRIORITY #7 - SERVANTHOOD - Ignite servanthood throughout our church.
Church Council Contact: Jill Stelfox
Staff Contacts: Jake McGlothin and Cynthia Lopynski

STRATEGIC PRIORITY #8 - RISK MANAGEMENT - Protect and ensure continued ministry to the Floris community through the development of a risk management plan to address safety gaps and potential liabilities.
Church Council Contract: Sandy Ambrose
Staff Contact: Pam Piester

For updates on the progress of this priorities, see Monthly Church Council Reports