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12/23/2012 Embrace Joy

Rev. Tom Berlin leads a frank and honest discussion on the events surrounding the Newtown tragedy. In this sermon Tom examines the subjects of violence in the media, mental health care, and gun control. In this season of Advent, Christ's message of Fear Not, is essential when we address difficult issues.

Come Home for Christmas Rev. Tom Berlin
12/9/2012 Experience Peace

During this season of Advent, we are looking at hope, peace, love and joy. Today, Rev. Tom Berlin speaks on peace and we can experience it. He expresses that God is what brings us peace and it is peace that enables us to become honest with God, acknowledging our sins and seeking forgiveness.

Come Home for Christmas Rev. Tom Berlin
12/2/2012 Find Hope

Rev. Barbara Miner delivers a message of hope. She expresses that people are hungry for renewal and reminds us that Jesus was God himself taking on the clothing of humanity. There is only one hope, and it is God in Christ.

Come Home for Christmas Rev. Barbara Miner