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11/10/2013 Prevailing in Pain

Today, Rev. Tom Berlin continues on his sermon series "Pain in Perseverance." Paul faced a chronic health condition that he asked God to remove. He lived with it and prevailed in life despite of it. How do we move from enduring life with pain to prevailing in life with pain? Paul's faith may have clues to the answer of that question.

Perseverance in Pain Rev. Tom Berlin
8/11/2013 The Role of Weakness in Strength

Rev. Tom Berlin speaks on consequential boldness. He uses the transformation story of Paul to help explain how to become bold for God. Tom reminds us that God loves.

Bold Rev. Tom Berlin
7/7/2013 Pictures of Paradise

Today, Rev. Barbara Miner continues the sermon series, "Hope in Death". She speaks on how we should long for God and have confidence in him. She encourages us to simply trust in God and explains how heaven is real.

Hope in Death Rev. Barbara Miner