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Date Title Series Speaker
8/24/2014 Community and Power

This week we will reflect on how Christ calls us to love all people, and calls on us to care, in particular, about the outcasts of our world, just as God does.

Message in a Movie Rev. Tim Ward
3/23/2014 Calming the Storm

Rev. Tom Berlin uses the story from Mark 4 of Jesus calming the storm in a sermon on faith. Modern American often have trouble believing in the miracles told of in the Bible. Faith is an act of will combined with an act of imagination.

The Way Rev. Tom Berlin
3/9/2014 The Healing Ministry

Sometimes it feels like our lives are under attack in ways we do not understand. We deal with illness or tragedy of some kind. In those moments, the people around us often become God’s means of grace to remind us that we are secure in the love of Christ. This week we will learn about the demons people struggled with in Jesus time, the miracles he performed and the people who made all the difference.

The Way Rev. Tom Berlin
3/2/2014 Baptism and Temptation

We begin our Lent sermon series, "The Way". We will travel on a journey retracing the life and ministry of Jesus Christ. Today, Rev. Tom Berlin discusses the ways baptism uniquely prepared Jesus to face the temptations that he had to face in the wilderness and discover insights that will help guide our steps as well.

The Way Rev. Tom Berlin
11/3/2013 Responding to Pain

People with chronic pain often experience others to lack sympathy for the long-term nature of their situation. Friends and family often assume that they will be healed and get on with life. Having an illness for weeks, much less months and years is hard for others to understand. This sermon will attempt to equip people for long-term compassion.

Perseverance in Pain Rev. Tim Ward
8/12/2012 Stumbling Over the Trinity

Rev. Tom Berlin conducts an in-depth study on the nature of God by examining the Christian doctrine of the Holy Trinity. People often have difficulty with the concept of one God in three Persons, and view God in simpler terms. This sermon shares the biblical and historical foundations of the Trinity and will help you see the loving character of God.

Rethink Faith Rev. Tom Berlin
4/8/2012 Easter 2012: And Then They Were Silent

Holy Week 2012 Rev. Tom Berlin