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5/4/2014 Student Sunday

Today we celebrate our students. Many of them are graduating high school and moving forward to college, work or the military. We hope you enjoy the messages as they share part of their faith journey.

Standalone Sermons Anna Lopynski & Mason Dickerson
4/20/2014 But Wait, There's More

In life God is always running in front of you. God is always working to bring us to a place that we would have never gotten to with out his love and power. Rev. Tom Berlin reminds us on Easter Sunday that there is always more.

Holy Week 2014 Rev. Tom Berlin
3/17/2014 Proclaiming the Kingdom

The Sermon on the Mount is a great example of Jesus teaching. It is practical, transforming, and challenging to live. Jesus sometimes takes us to the mountaintop so that he can teach us how we are live and treat others. He does this so that we can live in the valley below. This week we will talk about power of Jesus teaching when it is applied to our lives, and look at specific examples that are life changing.

The Way Rev. Tom Berlin
2/23/2014 Call Waiting

As Rev. Tom Berlin is in Israel, the President of Wesley Seminary fills in and delivers a sermon on why seminary matters and how God calls people into ministry.

Standalone Sermons Rev. David McAllister-Wilson
2/2/2014 What's Love Got To Do With It?

There is a simple reason that our church has to focus on loving each other in Christian community: God has commanded it. This week we will look at Jesus’ teaching on the greast commandment and the implications it has for our lives and church. We will imagine how our lives would be blessed if we lived out God’s intention for our church.

The Community Project Rev. Tom Berlin
12/29/2013 Sermon 12-29-13

The wise men had to return by a different path. What does it mean that we have celebrated a different kind of Christmas? Are we willing to walk a different path from the world as we take down our decorations? Will our lives be different as a result of the incarnation of Christ? Come think about some important questions as we consider a New Year together.

A Different Kind of Christmas Rev. Ashley Allen
10/9/2013 Jesus' Generosity

Living Generously Rev. Tom Berlin
9/22/2013 Tell Someone Who Cares!

In our third sermon in the Complaint Free Series, Tom encourages us to consider how we have hard conversations. He talks about the right way to complain and to allow Christ to be Lord of our words and Lord of our emotions.

A Complaint Free World Rev. Tom Berlin
9/8/2013 Train Your Brain to no Longer Complain

Rev. Tom Berlin begins a new sermon series, "A Complaint Free World". As we go through this series, Tom encourages us to think about how we communicate and interact with each other. Imagine a world where you come home from work or school and when people talk, they say positive things about their day.

A Complaint Free World Rev. Tom Berlin
7/28/2013 Do Not Worry

Today is Laity Sunday. Our guest speaker is Nadeem Khokhar from the Wesley Seminary in Washington D.C. He reminds of not having to worry.

Standalone Sermons Nadeem Khokhar
5/5/2013 Undeniably Committed

Today, Rev. Tom Berlin begins a new sermon series titled "Go". In this sermon he calls us to reach out to others and to be undeniably committed to share Christ with others.

Go! Rev. Tom Berlin.
1/27/2013 What about Divorce and Remarriage

Rev. Tom Berlin delivers a word of hope surrounding the topic of Divorce and Remarriage. He offers statistics and scripture to help illustrate the message.

Sustaining Relationships Rev. Tom Berlin
10/21/2012 Simple Money

In this sermon, Tom continues on the sermon series Simple. In this particular message, he encourages people to align our time and money toward things that really matter to us in life. It is a call to do what we value and value what we do by making it a priority amongst all the competing claims that call us to distraction.

Simple. Rev. Tom Berlin
7/29/2012 Being the Church

Floris begins a new sermon series entitled "Rethink Faith", which aims to address some common intellectual issues and misconceptions surrounding Faith. In this first part, Rev. Tim Ward examines the idea that religion causes violence and warfare.

Rethink Faith Rev. Tim Ward
1/15/2012 Forgiveness: A Heart That Forgives

Forgiveness Rev. Tom Berlin