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9/28/2014 Goodness

Today was bible Sunday for third graders. Rev. Barbara Miner shares a message with third graders about the treasures found within the pages of the bible.

Standalone Sermons Rev. Barbara Miner
9/21/2014 What about Homosexuality?

States are legalizing gay marriage, many Christians and churches are divided about this topic. How do we stay united in the midst of such a debate? Is the unity of Christ sufficient to keep us together in what can be a powerfully divisive conversation?

Together: Remaining United in a Time of Division Rev. Tom Berlin
9/14/2014 Christianity and Other Faiths

We live in a diverse community with people of many faiths or no faith at all. Does God love us all or just some of us? Are Christians the only ones going to heaven? What do we believe about pluralism of religion and how does that impact who we are as Christ followers?

Together: Remaining United in a Time of Division Rev. Tom Berlin
9/7/2014 Life and Abortion

Christians have a lot to say about the sanctity of life and the practice of abortion in every part of the social spectrum. This week we will look at different facets of this hard topic in our society.

Together: Remaining United in a Time of Division Rev. Tom Berlin
8/31/2014 What Do We Believe About the Bible?

Most of us find that the Bible answers our deepest longings, however it raises perplexing questions. In this sermon, Tom helps explain the origins of the Bible and how to understand it and attempt to apply it to complicated issues in life.

Together: Remaining United in a Time of Division Rev. Tom Berlin
8/24/2014 Community and Power

This week we will reflect on how Christ calls us to love all people, and calls on us to care, in particular, about the outcasts of our world, just as God does.

Message in a Movie Rev. Tim Ward
8/17/2014 Time

This week’s sermon features The Fellowship of the Ring.  Author JRR Tolkien was a deeply committed Christian whose Lord of the Rings trilogy offers theses of the Christian life.  We focus on the issues of time, and what we are to do with the time that is given to us. 

Message in a Movie Rev. Tom Berlin
8/10/2014 Sacrifice

The movie of the week is Frozen, a film that reminds us that true love is not about romantic kisses but acts of noble sacrifice. We will focus on 1 John 3:16-18, which reminds us of the depth of love Christ has for each of us.

Message in a Movie Rev. Tom Berlin
8/3/2014 Missing Something?

Today Rev. Nadeem Khokhar preaches his first sermon as Floris' new Associate Pastor. He speaks on the importance of being kind and helpful even when you aren't asked to be. Nadeem uses the story of the sinful woman in the Gospel of Luke which teaches us how we respond to God's love and grace.

Standalone Sermons Rev. Nadeem Khokhar
7/28/2014 7 Special Servants

We all have times when we need to be cared for, times when life is difficult. The first disciples understood the need for compassion and appointed special servants to care for people dealing with difficult situations. This sermon teaches us about living a life in Christ and sharing our faith with others.

Notable Numbers Rev. Barbara Miner
7/20/2014 8 Spiritual Gifts

We all are created by God with unique gifts and abilities. It is the role of the Holy Spirit to equip us to use these gifts for ministry. This sermon encourages the people around you to become more than they are by using what they have already been given.

Notable Numbers Rev.Tom Berlin
7/15/2014 9 Fruits of the Spirit

As we grow deeper in our discipleship we realize that to be more like Christ we need to develop more Christ-like qualities. This sermon will talk about the qualities Christ is trying to create within us and how we can learn to access them whether life is easy or challenging.

Notable Numbers Rev. Tom Berlin
7/6/2014 10 Commandments

We all know the basics of the 10 Commandments; but there is a lot more to them. God gives us the commandments as a guide for life and a way to teach our children where the path of a good life is found.

Notable Numbers Rev. Tom Berlin
6/22/2014 Fruits of Our Actions

Understanding hospitality and how it can welcome the stranger is important for us as we seek to live the Christian life.

Edge Media
6/15/2014 Reflections of Fatherhood

Rev. Tom Berlin speaks on the opportunities and possibilities we have with children. He encourages us on this Father's Day to guide and influence children so that they are set on a safe and fair course as they head into the open water.

Standalone Sermons Rev. Tom Berlin
6/8/2014 More than You Can Imagine

God’s commission to Abraham is one that still guides the church today. When we are committed to the calling of God, we experience a renewed sense of meaning and purpose as individuals and a congregation. Hear how trust and hope in God’s promises enables us to bless others.

Imagine Rev. Tom Berlin
5/18/2014 What's at Stake?

Most churches in America are shrinking in membership. Some have nominal growth. Churches that have the most impact reaching their community reach out in bold, new ways to share their faith with others. Watch and hear why this is the right time for Floris UMC to repeat a little-known piece of its history.

Imagine Rev. Tom Berlin
5/11/2014 Imagine: What's the Hurry?

Rev. Tom Berlin kicks off the Imagine sermon series, which addresses five new initiatives Floris UMC will focus on in the next three years. In this first sermon Tom discusses Floris' Young Adult Ministry and the need to reach the Millennial Generation.

Imagine Rev. Tom Berlin
5/4/2014 Student Sunday

Today we celebrate our students. Many of them are graduating high school and moving forward to college, work or the military. We hope you enjoy the messages as they share part of their faith journey.

Standalone Sermons Anna Lopynski & Mason Dickerson
4/27/2014 Facing the Giants

Today is Confirmation Sunday. Rev. Tom Berlin speaks to the confirmands on facing giants in their life.

Standalone Sermons Rev. Tom Berlin
4/20/2014 But Wait, There's More

In life God is always running in front of you. God is always working to bring us to a place that we would have never gotten to with out his love and power. Rev. Tom Berlin reminds us on Easter Sunday that there is always more.

Holy Week 2014 Rev. Tom Berlin
4/17/2014 Holy Thursday

Tonight we take you on a journey to celebrate the Hebrews and God's promise to them. We also remember the meal of the Last Supper. The last meal Jesus shared with his disciples.

Holy Week 2014
4/13/2014 The Hardest Prayer of All

The cell where Jesus was believed to be held is one of the most moving places I have seen. The cell captures a great deal about the final hours of Jesus life and the meaning and dynamics of his death. As we begin holy week, we will take a hard look at an arduous experience in the life of Christ and talk about why it has so much meaning for those who follow him.

The Way Rev. Tom Berlin
4/6/2014 The Final Week

The final week of Jesus life was full of contrasts, conflicts and condemnation. What are we to think of Jesus as one proclaimed a king, but who ultimately died as a criminal This week we will talk about the nature of Jesus kingship and the legacy he initiated in his final week.

The Way Rev. Barbara Miner
3/30/2014 Sinners, Outcasts and the Poor

One of Jesus most admirable characteristics was his capacity to love those who others rejected or failed to notice. It is also one of the most challenging aspects of following him each day. This week we will take a look at the people Jesus loved, and consider the ways we either set ourselves apart from society or set ourselves apart for the work of God in the world.

The Way Rev. Tom Berlin
3/23/2014 Calming the Storm

Rev. Tom Berlin uses the story from Mark 4 of Jesus calming the storm in a sermon on faith. Modern American often have trouble believing in the miracles told of in the Bible. Faith is an act of will combined with an act of imagination.

The Way Rev. Tom Berlin
3/17/2014 Proclaiming the Kingdom

The Sermon on the Mount is a great example of Jesus teaching. It is practical, transforming, and challenging to live. Jesus sometimes takes us to the mountaintop so that he can teach us how we are live and treat others. He does this so that we can live in the valley below. This week we will talk about power of Jesus teaching when it is applied to our lives, and look at specific examples that are life changing.

The Way Rev. Tom Berlin
3/9/2014 The Healing Ministry

Sometimes it feels like our lives are under attack in ways we do not understand. We deal with illness or tragedy of some kind. In those moments, the people around us often become God’s means of grace to remind us that we are secure in the love of Christ. This week we will learn about the demons people struggled with in Jesus time, the miracles he performed and the people who made all the difference.

The Way Rev. Tom Berlin
3/2/2014 Baptism and Temptation

We begin our Lent sermon series, "The Way". We will travel on a journey retracing the life and ministry of Jesus Christ. Today, Rev. Tom Berlin discusses the ways baptism uniquely prepared Jesus to face the temptations that he had to face in the wilderness and discover insights that will help guide our steps as well.

The Way Rev. Tom Berlin
2/23/2014 Call Waiting

As Rev. Tom Berlin is in Israel, the President of Wesley Seminary fills in and delivers a sermon on why seminary matters and how God calls people into ministry.

Standalone Sermons Rev. David McAllister-Wilson
2/16/2014 Let's Talk About it

Living in the Northern Virginia area, we are accustomed to a very fast paced culture. Rev. Tim Ward encourages us to think about our interactions with others this week and to invite someone to church.

Standalone Sermons Rev. Tim Ward
2/9/2014 Who is on the Lord's Side?

Have you ever noticed that smart people sometimes do foolish things? Sometimes people who have it all together, people who are accomplished miss something very obvious. Today, Rev. Tom Berlin speaks on a message of seeking God's will and encourages us to pray as we all make decisions and plans for the future.

Standalone Sermons Rev. Tom Berlin
2/2/2014 What's Love Got To Do With It?

There is a simple reason that our church has to focus on loving each other in Christian community: God has commanded it. This week we will look at Jesus’ teaching on the greast commandment and the implications it has for our lives and church. We will imagine how our lives would be blessed if we lived out God’s intention for our church.

The Community Project Rev. Tom Berlin
1/26/2014 In it Together

Living in community is possible when we begin with humility and a desire to live in the unity of God's Spirit. This week we hear Paul's insights into the ways church can experience community that honors God and each other.

The Community Project Rev. Tom Berlin
1/19/2014 More than a Dream

Fifty years ago, Dr. Martin Luther King shared his dream of a beloved community where people of different cultures and backgrounds lived in peace and harmony with each other. Dr. King’s Dream speech was based on a vision found throughout the Bible, but possibly best seen in this passage in the Revelation of John. His dream was no dream at all. It was a based on the reality of God’s Reign that was revealed to the apostle John. This week we will talk about the ways God is bringing that reality into our lives.

The Community Project Rev. Tom Berlin
1/12/2014 When the Wall Comes Down

Our backgrounds bring so many different assumptions and understandings of how the world works. These differences can easily lead to a lack of community, loneliness and even conflict. The apostle Paul was given a compelling vision that informs and directs the church today. This week we Tom looks at the way Christ becomes our peace, and has the power to unite all people through his love and grace.

The Community Project Rev. Tom Berlin
1/5/2014 The Oneness of God

Life with others can be hard. Rev. Tom Berlin explains that living in community with other people is a reflection of the nature of God and the deepest hope that Jesus had for his followers. Seeing God as the Creator, Redeemer and Sustainer who lives in perfect unity and harmony illustrates God's desire for our lives.

The Community Project Rev. Tom Berlin
12/29/2013 Sermon 12-29-13

The wise men had to return by a different path. What does it mean that we have celebrated a different kind of Christmas? Are we willing to walk a different path from the world as we take down our decorations? Will our lives be different as a result of the incarnation of Christ? Come think about some important questions as we consider a New Year together.

A Different Kind of Christmas Rev. Ashley Allen
12/24/2013 Christmas Eve, Everyone Loves a Surprise

Rev. Tom Berlin shares a special sermon on Christmas Eve. He shares the story of Jesus birth and how Christ is blessing for us all. If you were not able to attend any of the Christmas Eve services, we recorded and uploaded the entire service.

A Different Kind of Christmas Rev. Tom Berlin
12/22/2013 A Different Kind of Hope

People work hard but feel they are making little progress. Often our personal relationships are difficult. In the midst of this darkness, people often find the celebrations hard to take. If all the talk of the holiday spirit feels empty to you, come hear about something that offers a hope for far longer than the month of December.

A Different Kind of Christmas Rev. Tom Berlin
12/9/2013 A Different Kind of Peace

There is a peace that comes when you know that you are favored by God for who you are right now, not because you are perfect. Rev. Tom Berlin explains that this peace enables us to love others and overcome the anxiety that sometimes creeps into our life.

A Different Kind of Christmas Rev. Tom Berlin
12/1/2013 Rev. Tom Berlin

Long before we ever had a thought, God created us in love and hopes that the knowledge of this love will drive us to love our neighbors as well. The prophet Hosea had to endure a difficult about the depth of God’s love for us. Mary sang the first Christmas song, celebrating the Messiah that came because God was aware of our need. When we receive God’s love, we are ready to celebrate A Different Kind of Christmas.

A Different Kind of Christmas Rev. Tom Berlin
11/24/2013 A Different Kind of Wish List

Today, Rev. Tom Berlin begins the new sermon series, "A Different Kind of Christmas". In this first week before Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Rev. Berlin speaks on a different kind of wish list. During this Advent season, he encourages us to spend time in scripture, serving and celebrating with Jesus.

A Different Kind of Christmas Rev. Tom Berlin
11/17/2013 How Long?

One form of chronic pain that many people deal with is mental illness. A mental illness is a medical condition that disrupts a person's thinking, feeling, mood, ability to relate to others and daily functioning. The good news is that the bible acknowledges these issues and offers us hope. We will be looking at Psalm 13 and other texts as we examine a difficult topic in the light of God’s persistent presence.

Perseverance in Pain Rev. Barbara Miner
11/10/2013 Prevailing in Pain

Today, Rev. Tom Berlin continues on his sermon series "Pain in Perseverance." Paul faced a chronic health condition that he asked God to remove. He lived with it and prevailed in life despite of it. How do we move from enduring life with pain to prevailing in life with pain? Paul's faith may have clues to the answer of that question.

Perseverance in Pain Rev. Tom Berlin
11/3/2013 Responding to Pain

People with chronic pain often experience others to lack sympathy for the long-term nature of their situation. Friends and family often assume that they will be healed and get on with life. Having an illness for weeks, much less months and years is hard for others to understand. This sermon will attempt to equip people for long-term compassion.

Perseverance in Pain Rev. Tim Ward
10/27/2013 Joyful Generosity

Rev. Tom Berlin finishes the sermon series "Living Generously". Tom explains how giving joyfully and generously can bless you. He uses an example of paying gratuity at a restaurant to show how generous people can be in their life.

Living Generously Rev. Tom Berlin
10/20/2013 Generosity by Design

Rev. Tom Berlin continues the sermon series on "Living Generously". He shares experiences on generous people in the bible as well as people today. Tom calls us to be generous today instead of being generous one day.

Living Generously Rev. Tom Berlin
10/13/2013 Deferential Generosity

Rev. Tom Berlin continues the sermon series on Living Generously. Caring for the poor and disabled is quality of life that Jesus wants us to live out. Tom uses scripture from the book of Luke and encourages us to bless the community so that we can live a generous life.

Living Generously Rev. Tom Berlin
10/9/2013 Jesus' Generosity

Living Generously Rev. Tom Berlin
9/29/2013 Are You a Building Contractor or a Demolition Expert?

Rev. Barbara Miner closes our sermon series, "A Complaint Free World". She reiterates that words matter and how we say them matters even more. She encourages us to break through the constraints of a complaint free world and become kingdom builders.

A Complaint Free World Rev. Barbara Miner
9/22/2013 Tell Someone Who Cares!

In our third sermon in the Complaint Free Series, Tom encourages us to consider how we have hard conversations. He talks about the right way to complain and to allow Christ to be Lord of our words and Lord of our emotions.

A Complaint Free World Rev. Tom Berlin
9/15/2013 The Source of my Discontent

Today is the seventh day in our "Complaint Free" challenge. During this second sermon in the series, Tom gives us some strategies to continue a complaint free life and to look at reasons for discontent that leads to complaints. Tom encourages us to pray to God to deliver you from self-centeredness and to follow Jesus' commandments to love others, even when it is hard.

A Complaint Free World Rev. Tom Berlin
9/8/2013 Train Your Brain to no Longer Complain

Rev. Tom Berlin begins a new sermon series, "A Complaint Free World". As we go through this series, Tom encourages us to think about how we communicate and interact with each other. Imagine a world where you come home from work or school and when people talk, they say positive things about their day.

A Complaint Free World Rev. Tom Berlin
9/1/2013 Challenging the Ordinary

Rev. Tim Ward delivers a message about challenging the ordinary. He encourages us to grow in our relationship with God, serve others and invite everyone.

Standalone Sermons Rev. Tim Ward
8/25/2013 To Boldly Go Where You've Never Gone Before

Bold is the step between where you are and where you are going. Bold is the fuel that launches you into new waters. The great enemy of bold is fear. Rev. Tom Berlin ends this sermon series reminding us that Bold is simply taking a the step Jesus enables us to take.

Bold Rev. Tom Berlin
8/18/2013 Bold Conversations

We are continuing in our series on being Bold as followers of Christ. Most of us have some conversations that we are avoiding at any given time at home, work or in some other location that is important to us. Rev. Tom Berlin encourages us to know our foundation, boldly interrogate reality and stay focused.

Bold Rev. Tom Berlin
8/11/2013 The Role of Weakness in Strength

Rev. Tom Berlin speaks on consequential boldness. He uses the transformation story of Paul to help explain how to become bold for God. Tom reminds us that God loves.

Bold Rev. Tom Berlin
8/4/2013 Stepping Stones to Boldness

Rev. Tom Berlin begins a new sermon series on Bold. There are times when boldness changes everything. He encourages us in order to be bold, to trust God.

Bold Rev. Tom Berlin
7/28/2013 Do Not Worry

Today is Laity Sunday. Our guest speaker is Nadeem Khokhar from the Wesley Seminary in Washington D.C. He reminds of not having to worry.

Standalone Sermons Nadeem Khokhar
7/14/2013 Some Final Steps

Rev. Tom Berlin continues the Hope in Death sermon series, using the relationship of the prophets Elijah and Elisha as an example of how to care for another when they're near the end of their life. The most important words a dying person can hear from a loved one are "I will not leave you".

Hope in Death Rev. Tom Berlin
7/7/2013 Pictures of Paradise

Today, Rev. Barbara Miner continues the sermon series, "Hope in Death". She speaks on how we should long for God and have confidence in him. She encourages us to simply trust in God and explains how heaven is real.

Hope in Death Rev. Barbara Miner
6/30/2013 The Hope of Heaven

Rev. Tom Berlin continues the sermon series, "Hope in Death". He speaks on Heaven and how we perceive Heaven to be like. He focuses on how short of a life we have on earth and tries to illustrate how long eternity is.

Hope in Death Rev. Tom Berlin
6/23/2013 Comfort those who Mourn

This Sunday was suppose to be Laity Sunday, however after the tragic loss of one our youth students, many of our students and adults were left with questions. As a church family, how do we comfort those who mourn in times such as these? Rev. Tom Berlin speaks on how God is there for us and reassures us that all of us have a place in Heaven.

Standalone Sermons Rev. Tom Berlin
6/16/2013 Looking forward by Looking Back

Rev. Tom Berlin speaks in what it means to "Raise my Ebenezer". He encourages us to make a list of some of the marker's of God's goodness that set you up in your life so that you can tell somebody how good it is to have the Lord in your life.

Standalone Sermons Rev. Tom Berlin
6/9/2013 Faith Talk

Today, Floris recognizes it's graduating high school seniors. Sydney Seed, Taylor Culman, Ashley Welker and Austin Kendall speak on how they saw God throughout high school and how they will continue to follow him in their future.

Standalone Sermons Sydney Seed and Taylor Culman
6/2/2013 David's Question

Rev. Barbara Miner speaks on how kindness is our testimony to God's kindness. She uses the story of Mephibosheth while also connecting how the Floris family expresses kindness through congregational care.

Standalone Sermons Rev. Barbara Miner
5/26/2013 An Invitation that Matters

For the last sermon in the Go! series, Rev. Tom Berlin encourages us to Go and share our faith with others and invite them to church. Today, he discusses why it's not easy and how to overcome the fear.

Go! Edge Media
5/19/2013 Why Does it Matter?

Rev.Tom Berlin continues on the Go! series, and discusses salvation and Pentecost Sunday. To help explain salvation, he uses stories in his personal life and connects them to scripture. Rev. Tom Berlin calls to be on fire to share Christ with others.

Go! Rev. Tom Berlin
5/12/2013 Three Important Questions

Rev. Tom Berlin speaks on three important questions surrounding the Church and Jesus Christ. He encourages us to pray every day and to be a part of the prayer initiative.

Go! Rev. Tom Berlin.
5/5/2013 Undeniably Committed

Today, Rev. Tom Berlin begins a new sermon series titled "Go". In this sermon he calls us to reach out to others and to be undeniably committed to share Christ with others.

Go! Rev. Tom Berlin.
4/28/2013 Living Love and Justice

Rev. Tom Berlin challenges the confirmands to put their faith with their works. He uses James 2:14-20 to illustrate how faith and good deeds are essential to being a Christian and calls for the confirmands to grow up as Christians that will care for the problems that we face.

Just Love Rev. Tom Berlin
4/21/2013 Valuing the Vulnerable

Just Love Rev. Barbara Miner
4/14/2013 Who's In, Who's Out

What does it mean to be a church of love and justice? How do we become an inclusive community? Rev. Tom Berlin speaks on issues of race, mental ability, gender, poor, disabilities, and culture/nationality differences.

Just Love Rev. Tom Berlin
4/7/2013 What's Love Got to Do with It?

Rev. Tom Berlin starts out with this new sermon series, "Just Love". In this sermon titled, "What's Love Got to do with it?", Tom speaks on justice and the love of God.

Just Love Rev. Tom Berlin
3/31/2013 A World without Easter

Rev. Tom Berlin's Easter sermon examines how the Resurrection of Jesus changed the world forever. The event of the Resurrection spurred Jesus's message of servanthood and humility across the ancient world in ways that affect us to this day.

Holy Week 2013 Rev. Tom Berlin
3/24/2013 The Other Cross

Rev. Tom Berlin speaks on "The Other Cross". Today, the cross is seen as a symbol of life. It is a symbol of grace, redemption, reconciliation and love. Rev. Tom Berlin encourages us to look at the cross throughout our week to remember what the cross means in our daily lives.

Standalone Sermons Rev. Tom Berlin
3/10/2013 The Decision to Persevere

This week, Rev. Tom Berlin continues the sermon series with, "The Decision to Persevere". Jesus offers to anyone who is weary, who is feeling parched and dry, forgiveness and new life.

6 Decisions that will Change Your Life Rev. Tom Berlin
3/3/2013 The Decision to Respond

Today, Rev. Tom Berlin talks about another decision you have to make if you want to discern the will of God for your life, "The Decision to Respond".

6 Decisions that will Change Your Life Rev. Tom Berlin
2/24/2013 The Decision to Mature

The premise of this sermon is "The Decision to Mature". Rev. Tom offers us this advice, "If you want to hear God's calling and a decision to mature, you have to invite Christ into your life".

6 Decisions that will Change Your Life Rev. Tom Berlin
2/17/2013 The Decision of a New Life

Rev. Barbara Miner brings the second sermon from the sermon series, " 6 Decisions". In this sermon, she shares how to make the decision of "New Life". She encourages us seek God, and pay attention to the times you feel nudged or prodded.

6 Decisions that will Change Your Life Rev. Barbara Miner
2/10/2013 The Decision to Follow

This is the first sermon of the sermon series Six Decisions that will Change Your Life. Rev. Tom Berlin shares several stories and uses scripture to help you make the decision to follow.

6 Decisions that will Change Your Life Rev. Tom Berlin
2/3/2013 Panel Discussion on Relationships

Floris is ending the sermon series on Sustaining Relationships by having a discussion panel which includes all three pastors and the intern. They answer questions from the congregation through emails that were submitted earlier in the week as well live questions through texting.

Sustaining Relationships Rev. Tom Berlin, Rev. Barbara Miner, Rev. Tim Ward
1/27/2013 What about Divorce and Remarriage

Rev. Tom Berlin delivers a word of hope surrounding the topic of Divorce and Remarriage. He offers statistics and scripture to help illustrate the message.

Sustaining Relationships Rev. Tom Berlin
1/20/2013 Best Practices for Healthy Relationships

Rev. Tom Berlin continues with the sermon series on Sustaining Relationships. This week, the spoken word is on best practices for healthy relationships. Rev. Tom shares basic principles about loving relationships that will bless you and bless the ones you love.

Sustaining Relationships Edge Media
1/13/2013 Singleness and Marriage

Rev. Tom Berlin speaks on singleness and marriage. He explains how marriage and singleness are both good. Rev. Tom encourages whether single or married to think about the most important, determinative, relationship in your life. Your love of God through Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit.

Sustaining Relationships Rev. Tom Berlin
1/6/2013 The True Nature of Friendship

Today, Rev. Tom Berlin speaks on friendships and uses the story of Jonathan and David from 1st Samuel. He explains how Jesus shows us the nature of hesed, faithful, steadfast love that is willing to sacrificially lay down his life for us.

Sustaining Relationships Rev. Tom Berlin
12/30/2012 How Do I Look?

Floris UMC's Worship Intern Ashley Allen delivers a New Year's sermon that calls us to connect with the message of Christ. Through our relationship with Christ and with each other, we have access to the knowledge and tools to help us grow in our faith. The sermon concludes with a song performed by Kristina Schenck.

Standalone Sermons Ashley Allen
12/24/2012 What's Inside Christmas?

Rev. Tom Berlin delivers the Christmas Eve sermon at Floris UMC. Merry Christmas, everyone.

Come Home for Christmas Rev. Tom Berlin
12/23/2012 Embrace Joy

Rev. Tom Berlin leads a frank and honest discussion on the events surrounding the Newtown tragedy. In this sermon Tom examines the subjects of violence in the media, mental health care, and gun control. In this season of Advent, Christ's message of Fear Not, is essential when we address difficult issues.

Come Home for Christmas Rev. Tom Berlin
12/9/2012 Experience Peace

During this season of Advent, we are looking at hope, peace, love and joy. Today, Rev. Tom Berlin speaks on peace and we can experience it. He expresses that God is what brings us peace and it is peace that enables us to become honest with God, acknowledging our sins and seeking forgiveness.

Come Home for Christmas Rev. Tom Berlin
12/2/2012 Find Hope

Rev. Barbara Miner delivers a message of hope. She expresses that people are hungry for renewal and reminds us that Jesus was God himself taking on the clothing of humanity. There is only one hope, and it is God in Christ.

Come Home for Christmas Rev. Barbara Miner
11/25/2012 A Word of Love

Rev. Barbara Miner concludes the Psalms: The Language of Life series by looking at the way the Psalmists all display an intimate relationship with God. The sermon concludes with a liturgical dance by Anna Lopynski.

Psalms: The Language of Life Rev. Barbara Miner
11/18/2012 A Call to Thanksgiving

Rev. Tom Berlin uses Psalm 19 to deliver an energetic and passionate sermon on the subjects of wonder and Thanksgiving. Tom explores the glory of God's creation, the perfectness of His law, and poses the question: How is God like a 5 year old child?

Psalms: The Language of Life Rev. Tom Berlin
11/11/2012 A Word of Hope

In this sermon, Rev. Tom Berlin encourages people who are feeling isolated or neglected to see the presence of the Lord. It is a chance to tell those for whom troubled times are coming that they can trust that God will be there in the future.

Psalms: The Language of Life Rev. Tom Berlin
11/4/2012 A Word of Anguish

Rev. Tim Ward introduces the new sermon series,"Psalms: The Language of Life". Rev. Tim discusses what is in bounds and what is out of bounds. He explains that God can handle our frustrations, that God is strong and loving and wants us to be real with him.

Psalms: The Language of Life Rev. Tim Ward
10/28/2012 Simple Alignment

This sermon is focused on the stewardship of aligning our lives with our time and money. Tom focuses on generosity and explains how generosity is not born of plentitude of wealth but the freedom of God's love and the resulting gratitude one feels for life and the things of life.

Simple. Rev. Tom Berlin
10/21/2012 Simple Money

In this sermon, Tom continues on the sermon series Simple. In this particular message, he encourages people to align our time and money toward things that really matter to us in life. It is a call to do what we value and value what we do by making it a priority amongst all the competing claims that call us to distraction.

Simple. Rev. Tom Berlin
10/14/2012 Simple Possessions

Rev. Tom Berlin speaks on Simple Possessions. He encourages to seek what the bible says about the necessities of life. This sermon explains the dynamics of wants and needs and the gift of contentment described in scripture.

Simple. Rev. Tom Berlin
10/7/2012 Simple Time

Rev Tom Berlin begins a sermon series exploring the complexity of modern life and our need for simplicity. This first part looks at time, or rather our lack thereof as people go from work, to classes, to practices, etc. It can often feel like being on a merry-go-round, but by pausing and asking what is important to us, we can find the calm center of God's love.

Simple. Rev. Tom Berlin
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