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8/17/2014 Time

This week’s sermon features The Fellowship of the Ring.  Author JRR Tolkien was a deeply committed Christian whose Lord of the Rings trilogy offers theses of the Christian life.  We focus on the issues of time, and what we are to do with the time that is given to us. 

Message in a Movie Rev. Tom Berlin
8/10/2014 Sacrifice

The movie of the week is Frozen, a film that reminds us that true love is not about romantic kisses but acts of noble sacrifice. We will focus on 1 John 3:16-18, which reminds us of the depth of love Christ has for each of us.

Message in a Movie Rev. Tom Berlin
8/3/2014 Missing Something?

Today Rev. Nadeem Khokhar preaches his first sermon as Floris' new Associate Pastor. He speaks on the importance of being kind and helpful even when you aren't asked to be. Nadeem uses the story of the sinful woman in the Gospel of Luke which teaches us how we respond to God's love and grace.

Standalone Sermons Rev. Nadeem Khokhar
7/28/2014 7 Special Servants

We all have times when we need to be cared for, times when life is difficult. The first disciples understood the need for compassion and appointed special servants to care for people dealing with difficult situations. This sermon teaches us about living a life in Christ and sharing our faith with others.

Notable Numbers Rev. Barbara Miner
7/20/2014 8 Spiritual Gifts

We all are created by God with unique gifts and abilities. It is the role of the Holy Spirit to equip us to use these gifts for ministry. This sermon encourages the people around you to become more than they are by using what they have already been given.

Notable Numbers Rev.Tom Berlin
7/15/2014 9 Fruits of the Spirit

As we grow deeper in our discipleship we realize that to be more like Christ we need to develop more Christ-like qualities. This sermon will talk about the qualities Christ is trying to create within us and how we can learn to access them whether life is easy or challenging.

Notable Numbers Rev. Tom Berlin
7/6/2014 10 Commandments

We all know the basics of the 10 Commandments; but there is a lot more to them. God gives us the commandments as a guide for life and a way to teach our children where the path of a good life is found.

Notable Numbers Rev. Tom Berlin
6/29/2014 "God is Wonderful"

We look at the different ways God loves us and the ways God connects with us. It is in this understanding of who God is that we are able to connect more fully with God.

Standalone Sermons Rev. Barbara Miner & Rev. Tim Ward
6/22/2014 Fruits of Our Actions

Understanding hospitality and how it can welcome the stranger is important for us as we seek to live the Christian life.

Edge Media
6/15/2014 Reflections of Fatherhood

Rev. Tom Berlin speaks on the opportunities and possibilities we have with children. He encourages us on this Father's Day to guide and influence children so that they are set on a safe and fair course as they head into the open water.

Standalone Sermons Rev. Tom Berlin