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4/20/2014 But Wait, There's More

In life God is always running in front of you. God is always working to bring us to a place that we would have never gotten to with out his love and power. Rev. Tom Berlin reminds us on Easter Sunday that there is always more.

Holy Week 2014 Rev. Tom Berlin
4/19/2014 Easter Cantata

This is a worship service of music to honor Christ on Good Friday.

Holy Week 2014 Yoon Nam, Ph.D.
4/17/2014 Holy Thursday

Tonight we take you on a journey to celebrate the Hebrews and God's promise to them. We also remember the meal of the Last Supper. The last meal Jesus shared with his disciples.

Holy Week 2014
4/13/2014 The Hardest Prayer of All

The cell where Jesus was believed to be held is one of the most moving places I have seen. The cell captures a great deal about the final hours of Jesus life and the meaning and dynamics of his death. As we begin holy week, we will take a hard look at an arduous experience in the life of Christ and talk about why it has so much meaning for those who follow him.

The Way Rev. Tom Berlin
4/6/2014 The Final Week

The final week of Jesus life was full of contrasts, conflicts and condemnation. What are we to think of Jesus as one proclaimed a king, but who ultimately died as a criminal This week we will talk about the nature of Jesus kingship and the legacy he initiated in his final week.

The Way Rev. Barbara Miner
3/30/2014 Sinners, Outcasts and the Poor

One of Jesus most admirable characteristics was his capacity to love those who others rejected or failed to notice. It is also one of the most challenging aspects of following him each day. This week we will take a look at the people Jesus loved, and consider the ways we either set ourselves apart from society or set ourselves apart for the work of God in the world.

The Way Rev. Tom Berlin
3/23/2014 Calming the Storm

Rev. Tom Berlin uses the story from Mark 4 of Jesus calming the storm in a sermon on faith. Modern American often have trouble believing in the miracles told of in the Bible. Faith is an act of will combined with an act of imagination.

The Way Rev. Tom Berlin
3/17/2014 Proclaiming the Kingdom

The Sermon on the Mount is a great example of Jesus teaching. It is practical, transforming, and challenging to live. Jesus sometimes takes us to the mountaintop so that he can teach us how we are live and treat others. He does this so that we can live in the valley below. This week we will talk about power of Jesus teaching when it is applied to our lives, and look at specific examples that are life changing.

The Way Rev. Tom Berlin
3/9/2014 The Healing Ministry

Sometimes it feels like our lives are under attack in ways we do not understand. We deal with illness or tragedy of some kind. In those moments, the people around us often become God’s means of grace to remind us that we are secure in the love of Christ. This week we will learn about the demons people struggled with in Jesus time, the miracles he performed and the people who made all the difference.

The Way Rev. Tom Berlin
3/2/2014 Baptism and Temptation

We begin our Lent sermon series, "The Way". We will travel on a journey retracing the life and ministry of Jesus Christ. Today, Rev. Tom Berlin discusses the ways baptism uniquely prepared Jesus to face the temptations that he had to face in the wilderness and discover insights that will help guide our steps as well.

The Way Rev. Tom Berlin