Current Sermon Series

Mission (Im)possible

Our vision this year is to build vital community and to reach others with the Good News of Christ. Join us for Mission Impossible, August 27-September 24, as we acquire five practical skills that will deepen our relationships with one another and help us share Christ with others.

August 27 - The First Habit: Bless - Luke 6:17-26
“Bless you!” is more than a response when someone sneezes. Offering someone a blessing can transform their day, week or even life. If you want a life that is focused on important things in life, come hear about the transformational ways Christians are called to offer and be a blessing in the world.

September 3 - The Second Habit: Eat - Luke 14:15-24
More than 11 million pounds of food are consumed every day in the world. In every culture, much of that food is shared at meals by people who sit together and get to know each other. The early church found eating together to be one of their most important priorities. This week we will discuss the connection between meals and community and the power food has to build the body of Christ.

September 10 - The Third Habit: Listen - Matthew 6:5-15
Noise is everywhere. Voices clamor influence in our lives and our decisions. How do we know where to give our attention and who to trust? This week we will discuss the value of silence and how to tune into the voice that orders our hearts and minds.

September 17 - The Fourth Habit: Learn - Matthew 18:1-5

The smartest and wisest people are life-long learners. They listen, read and learn new things each day. Following Jesus takes this level of humility. We understand that no matter what our age, we are like children who need to learn and find the joy of new discoveries in what Christ teaches us. This week we consider how to spend daily time with Jesus in ways that help us grow.

September 24 - The Fifth Habit: Sent - Matthew 28:16-20
Now what? We have talked about blessing people, eating with them, listening for the Holy Spirit and learning from Jesus. How do you make sure that these habits will actually make a difference in the world? This week we look at practical ways to find out if we are effective at building community and reaching others with the good news of Jesus Christ.