Current Sermon Series

Good Questions

Jesus had a way of stopping people in their tracks with one simple question. His questions caused people to look inside their lives to consider what was important to them or if they were headed in the direction they really wanted to go. This series will give us the opportunity to reflect on Jesus’ questions in a fresh way.

July 1
What are you looking for?  •  John 1:35-51
The disciples had busy lives before they met Jesus, yet they were all looking for something more. If you want to gain clarity on what you seek in life, this will be a good question to consider.

July 8
Is there no one left to condemn you?  •  John 8:2-11
Jesus was good with words. He understood that the right phrase could change the course of events. In this story, his well-placed words diffuse a volatile situation. His question to the woman he saved may have helped her change the course of her life.

July 15
Do you know what I've done for you?  •  John 13:2-17
In this story, we get a glimpse of the depth of love Jesus had for his disciples, and for all of us. He asks a question that helps us understand the character of Christ and our role in the Kingdom of God.

July 22
Don't you know me after I have been with you all this time?  •  John 14:1-9
We can walk with Jesus for a long time and still not know him. Or perhaps we just need to rediscover what he is saying to us in this season of life. Come to hear how Jesus challenges us to invest in a deeper relationship with him in every season of our life.

July 29
Do you love me more than these?  •  John 21:15-19
When we damage a relationship with someone we love we often live full of regret. Jesus understood this and asked a question that helped repair an important relationship in his life. His demonstration of grace helps us to answer the same question and bring renewal to our own faith.